I was initially skeptical about Zoom fitness classes but since in-person ones were cancelled due to Covid, I thought I would give PowerHour Zoom a try for a month. I have been pleasantly surprised by how Jane is able to create the feel of an in-person class in the Zoom format. Before the class the participants have a chance to connect and chat with each other and Jane. Jane provides a lot of encouragement and support to each of us during or after the class. During the class she provides lots of exercise variations based on our individual levels and goals and she regularly checks that we are performing the exercise correctly to maximize benefits and minimize injury. I'm delighted that I am increasing my fitness level and strength capacity through the routines Jane has developed based on fitness research. The connection with Jane and the other participants feeds a social need and makes me feel accountable- someone will notice if I miss a class- and I don't have to leave the comfort of my home. I highly recommend Jane Power-Grimm and PowerHour!

Bonnie M.

Thanks to Jane's PowerHour, at age 76 I have lots of energy, strength and mobility and I actually feel young. Jane is a great motivator, gives clear instructions and keeps things interesting with lots of variety in her classes. Adaptations are always provided to accommodate all levels, so when I injured my back I could still participate. PowerHour is now available on YouTube if I have to miss a class because I am substitute teaching. Jane keeps us all up to date on the latest fitness research both in class and in her newsletter. Jane is always available after class or by appointment to work on individual needs. My posture and flexibility have improved greatly with PowerHour. Thanks to PowerHour I can enjoy long hikes and snowshoeing. Jane is helping me to age gracefully with confidence and balance.

Eilleen K.

Joining Power Hour classes with Jane has been wonderful for me. Not only for physical fitness but mental health. From the first class when I thought this is too much I was encouraged to go at my own pace. When class went to zoom classes Janes positive attitude and all the information she gives us makes me remember how important exercise is for seniors like me.

Janet T.


What a great experience to be able to participate in PowerHour online. Awesome, knowledgeable instruction which challenges participants to do their very best for physical and mental wellbeing. At the same time there are adaptations for age, physical limitations, and fitness levels. So convenient to be able to take part in the comfort of your own home.

Kay W.

Class with Jane is a simple, effective way to exercise.  The format and music make the hour fly by. There are hints to do the exercises effectively and correctly, along with easier/harder versions of the exercise for participants at different levels.

Eric F.

I’ve been taking Jane Power-Grimm’s fitness classes since 2013. Not only does she have 40 years experience teaching fitness, she has the personality for it! She is obviously dedicated but so much more! Positive, encouraging, upbeat and knowledgeable. She is always changing things up, pushing us on in just the right way and helping us all reach our goals. Jane is constantly sharing with us what she has learned from reading and is up to date with all the latest science. Our classes are fun, never boring and as challenging as each individual makes them. Jane offers all kinds of possibilities for different levels of students and makes us all feel welcome and good about ourselves. I try never to miss a class!

Christine I.

I have been a student of Power Hour for one year now. I have worked out before through various methods but I have never been as consistent as I have been with Power Hour. Jane’s approach is to meet each person where they are in their workout abilities and direct and encourage growth through time. She constantly reminds us throughout the class the proper techniques for each move and provides alternative options for people with specific limitations. I have noticed an improvement over time in my posture, my balance, my stamina, my ability to reach upper cabinets and to squat for lower cabinets. My posture has improved with a squarer more than rounded look through my shoulders. I will be 75 this month and I am very pleased, thanks to Power Hour, with how young and strong I feel. Jane is constantly challenging us so there is more for me to do to maintain my well being as the years tick on. In addition there is a little social chatter that goes before and after class so we do connect and feel a part of a hard working group.

Judy O.

I love how PowerHour makes it fun and easy to work out at home. Jane ensures we know the modifications to moves that are right for our bodies. I like the variety of routines with PowerHour, ensuring I never get bored, and that all parts of the body are targeted. I also like the emphasis of resistance training with PowerHour, but that flexibility, core training, and cardio are not forgotten. It's great to get the results of PowerHour with minimal space and equipment; better than going to a gym!

Jennifer P.

Jane Power-Grimm's "PowerHour" is a perfect way for me to "kick start" my day.  I enjoy the variety of the workouts, and Jane's explanation of the mechanics involved, as well as her informed fitness advice.  I am delighted that I feel stronger and more nimble than I did when I began these classes, at least 15 years ago!  Jane is sensitive to the needs of all participants, offering many options for how to do the exercises, depending on one's own strength, flexibility or other considerations.  She continues to expand her knowledge in the field, and all participants benefit from her commitment to life-long learning.  My mornings would not be the same without Jane Power-Grimm's Power Hour.

Lillian S.