I was initially skeptical about Zoom fitness classes but since in-person ones were cancelled due to Covid, I thought I would give PowerHour Zoom a try for a month. I have been pleasantly surprised by how Jane is able to create the feel of an in-person class in the Zoom format. Before the class the participants have a chance to connect and chat with each other and Jane. Jane provides a lot of encouragement and support to each of us during or after the class. During the class she provides lots of exercise variations based on our individual levels and goals and she regularly checks that we are performing the exercise correctly to maximize benefits and minimize injury. I’m delighted that I am increasing my fitness level and strength capacity through the routines Jane has developed based on fitness research. The connection with Jane and the other participants feeds a social need and makes me feel accountable- someone will notice if I miss a class- and I don’t have to leave the comfort of my home. I highly recommend Jane Power-Grimm and PowerHour!